Recovering Shopping Carts

Every website needs relevant traffic and conversions.
No matter which website you have it needs visits and sales.
For over 10 years I help website owners to get the traffic they need to succeed.
I am the go to consultant when inbound marketing is the method used to win more business, increase conversion rates and recover more abandoned carts
I am an expert on all things inbound marketing and eCommerce optimization.
Successfully completed numerous projects in online marketing.
My passion is getting online marketing projects from initial stages of planning to reach and surpassing the goals defined,
SEO, Content marketing, social networks strategy, enterprise SEO, PPC, A to B and much more are always present at my toolbox.
I have finished my Master’s degree in Quantitative Software Engineering.
Specialized in project management in general and software project management in particular.

Specialties: Performance-based advertising project management and strategic planning
Getting results based on ROI.
Working by the rule “if it can’t be measured it can’t be improved”

Guy Cizner

Abandoned Cart Consultant
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Measurable Results

Reported Increase Of Sales
  • Increase Sales

  • Increase Revenue With New Concepts

  • Advanced Technologies Usage

  • Clear Reporting The Benefits On Recovered Carts