SEO for Movers – Part 1

How To Start With SEO for movers.

It’s no secret that the moving industry is one of the most competitive SEO markets. For new companies, reaching first page results is an almost impossible task unless they can come up with a substantial budget, and even then results are not guaranteed.
As for AdWords campaigns, almost all relevant keyword expressions will be expensive to advertise and competition will almost always be high.
Sounds hopeless? Not really. The secret to successful search engine optimization for movers is local SEO for movers, a secret that too many movers ignore and therefore represents an opportunity not to be missed by the knowledgeable.

What are Local Search Results?

SEO for Movers - Ta Da! Digital

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So what is local SEO for movers and why does it represent such a big break for movers?
Let’s begin with a definition of what local search results actually mean.
In an attempt to improve the focus and relevancy of the search results they provide, Google and other search engines realized pretty quickly that providing locally relevant results is necessary.
To provide an easy example, if you live in Phoenix and you type “Italian Restaurant” in your Google search box, it doesn’t make sense to give you organic results about the finest, most delicious and SEO optimized Italian restaurant in America, if it’s located in Omaha Nebraska.
This is why for certain products and service related terms, such as moving companies, search algorithms provide local search results, based on your actual location.

Basically, this means that the organic search results for someone living in Los Angeles and someone living in New York for the same product or service related term will be different.

It also means that if you manage and optimize your moving company listing correctly, you can climb all the way up to the top of the first page results.

Local SEO for moving companies as the Ultimate Solution.

SEO for Movers - Ta Da! Digital

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Take a look at the picture above. This is what happens when someone in the Denver area types the term “moving company” in the Google search box.

As you can see, there are several types of results. The results on the right hand column and the ones appearing on the top of the page with a different colored background are sponsored results.

These are results that represent adwords campaigns – paid advertisement.

Research shows that most users tend to be more suspicious towards sponsored results and prefer to click on the organic results, meaning the results that were found to be naturally relevant to their search by the search engine.

As you can see, the local search results appear among the first few organic results.

As a moving company, if you can become one of the companies that feature on the local results for your area, you can get a lot of exposure, and if you do things right, you basically ensure one of the top results at a fraction of the budget you would need for expensive AdWords campaigns or regular search engine optimization.

 The Opportunity Local SEO Represents for Movers

For competitive search terms, and any search term related to moving is highly competitive, the first few organic search spots will almost always be dominated by brand names and large companies.

When it comes to regular search results, it is not likely that you will be able to compete for dominance with companies such as North American Vanlines or Atlas.

But when local search results are involved, by optimizing your listings correctly, you can actually fair better than the larger companies in your specific areas of operation.

To summarize the introduction:

  • Local Search Results are among the top organic results for location related services and products.
  • Unlike sponsored results (AdWords campaigns) Google does not charge you for listing your local business or when users click to enter your website and receive a quote.
  • Unlike regular organic SEO, which is dominated by brand names, requires years of work and large budgets, local SEO can be efficiently done for much less and give you faster results.
  • Local SEO presents an opportunity for business of all sizes to be featured among the first organic results for relevant search terms in their service area.


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SEO for Movers – Part 1
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