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SEO for startups Activity

Marketing for startups can be very challenging activity, Many startups can forget to handle their startup SEO activity. Most startups are aware that their inbound marketing efforts are essential for their success however lack the knowledge to develop a mature online strategy.  SEO for startups activity can be a very confusing and elusive concept. Companies will get offers to handle their SEO from large digital agencies with price offers exceeding $10,000 per month and  offshore companies will promise success for only few hundreds dollars per month. The truth is neither here nor there. A successful SEO strategy will mostly rely on a startup current activity and online assets,

What Can You Do To Improve Results – SEO for startups initial guide?

In order to take advantage of your existing marketing activity you should act in familiarize yourself with basic concepts of SEO.  When you first envisioned your startup you defined your target audience and how you solve one or more of his problems. Get back to this and define your target audience in terms of interest starting with the most relevant audience and going out to more general interests, For example if your startup provides a unique cloud based solution define what will be the main search term  that your potential user will use. Guide your webmaster to adhere to all suggested best practices from Google. Guide your content creation team to always link from external published content in a natural way and includes your terms in the anchor text, This is very easy and basic activity to leverage your existing marketing activity for Succesful SEO in general and SEO for startups in particular.



SEO for startups – Activity For Inbound Marketing
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