The Complete Guide to Create an Abandoned Cart Email List to Boost Your Sales

email listAs an eCommerce business operator, seeing potential customers abandon their shopping cart on your site is one of life’s biggest frustrations.

You see that they go through the process of browsing the site and adding several products to the cart, maybe even view the shopping cart and then just as they’re getting to that all important step, they navigate away from the page.

Did you know that an average of 69% of people abandons their cart? But wait, don’t go and take down your eCommerce store just yet.

Read on to learn about how you can bring some of these customers back to complete their purchase and build your email list at the same time.

Understand Why People are Abandoning Their Carts

The first step to creating your abandoned cart emails is understanding why people are not completing their purchases in the first place.

Nearly 60% of US online shoppers surveyed by Baymard Institute replied that their reason for abandoning a cart was that they were either just browsing or not planning to make a purchase anyways. Unfortunately, there isn’t much hope of getting these sales back.

On the other hand, that leaves a little over 40% of shoppers who have abandoned cart for a specific reason. The main reason shoppers are abandoning their cart is that when they go to check out the shipping costs or other additional fees are too high.

A few of the other reasons consumers have cited for giving up on an online purchase are that they were asked to create an account before they could check out, the check out process was too complicated, they couldn’t calculate the total order costs or the website crashed.

You can avoid some of these problems by stating shipping costs on your front page and simplifying your checkout page. Even then, you’ll still have some abandoned carts which is why you need to create an abandoned cart email sequence.

Get Their Email Addresses Before They Leave

Obviously, in order to initiate an abandoned cart email sequence, you need to collect email addresses.

The best way to get visitors to give you their email address is with an exit-intent popup. Often companies will include an incentive in exchange for an email address which can take the form of a discount code, a free product or whatever you think will resonate with your website visitors.

You can use these exit-intent popups from any page on your website, it’s not just limited to the checkout page.

How to Create Compelling Abandon Cart Emails That Your Email List Will Actually Open and Click On

Creating great abandon cart emails really isn’t all that different from any other marketing emails you would be sending your email list.

Write Creative Subject Lines

Just like you wouldn’t get very far if you don’t collect email addresses, you won’t get much further if no one opens your emails.

With apps like Gmail filtering promotional emails into a separate inbox and the hundreds of emails you’re competing with, how do you convince customers to open your email?

By having a great subject line. The subject lines with the most successful open rates contain the company name, product details and a sense of urgency.

It will take you some time to see what subject lines resonate with your customers. Test different subject lines and track how each performs on open rates and time spent reading the email.

Write Great Copy

A great trick for writing your abandon cart emails is to treat them like a conversation with your customers. They’re already interested in your product so you don’t need to sell them further.

If you make them laugh, they’re more likely to read the copy and then hit the CTA taking them back to your website.

Personalize Your Emails

This sounds simple, and it is. Think about any time you’ve made an online purchase. Unless it’s a very low-value item, you’re probably looking at similar products across competitor’s websites.

Using someone’s first name at the beginning of the email catches the reader’s eye and makes them curious to read the rest of the copy.

Include The Items In The Abandoned Cart

Showing the items they left behind is helpful for two reasons. For one thing, it gets them excited about the items again. But another, equally important, reason is simply to remind them what products they were looking at.

Again, people are always looking at competitor’s products as well as doing a million other things at once. If we asked what the last item you left in an abandoned cart, you would probably have no idea.

Make Sure the Emails are Well Designed

Much like your regular emails and your website, good design matters. Use images to attract the reader’s attention and help direct their eye line.

It’s important that abandoned cart emails are not too cluttered. Since you’re simply reminding customers about the items they left behind, don’t distract them with other things.

Some of the best abandoned cart emails we’ve seen are just a picture of the forgotten items and a CTA directing the reader back to their shopping cart.

Offer an Incentive for Customers to Return and create Urgency

By offering a discount with a time limit, you are both giving your customers an incentive to return to your website to make a purchase and creating urgency for why they need to return now and not later.

Some brands prefer to send a series of abandoned cart emails and will hold off on discounts or offers until the second or third email address.

Whichever option you choose, one of the keys to converting your abandoned carts to purchases is convincing your customers that they need to return ASAP and finish their purchase.

Send Your First Email Soon After the Abandoned Cart Occurs

The highest conversion rates come from abandoned cart emails sent 20 minutes after the customer has left your website. By the time 24 hours have passed, the conversion rate on these emails drops by more than 50%.

If you’re creating a sequence of emails rather than just a single email, plan to send an email after the first hour, then the first 24 hours and finally at the 48-hour mark. In that case, it helps to increase your sense of urgency with each passing email.

Entice Your Customers to Come Back

Abandoned carts are far from a lost cause. For companies that send these follow-up emails, they’ve found great success in improving their sales. Customers respond well to these emails with 60% of them bringing in a sale within 24 hours.

Do you still have questions about how to set up an email list from abandoned carts? Contact me for cart abandonment management services, email marketing services and more.

The Complete Guide to Create an Abandoned Cart Email List to Boost Your Sales
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