why customers abandon shopping carts

Many times I am being asked what are the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment, why customers abandon shopping carts. That question was researched, measured and answered many times.This data shared by Baymard institute show clear results.

As you can see most reasons are related to internal processes within the order steps.

The reasons for cart abandonment

Shipping Costs: When potential shoppers are surprised with unexpected shipping cost they go away.

Mandatory Account Creation : When you make your clients create an account, many of them are not interested and leave

Comparing Rates: Checking how is your final price compares to your competition

Feeling unsecured with payment info: not trusting your website with their credit card info.

Crashing Websites : Technical issues preventing the buyer from completing a purchase

Complex Checkout process : Too many checkout steps

Where is My Coupon Code : Not getting a visible discount or a coupon

Return Policy : If they do not like it they go away

Payment Declined : the form of payment did not work.



reasons for abandoned carts

Is Online Shopping Cart Abandonment Bad?

On most resources you will find the following statement “cart abandonment is a problem” I claim that cart abandonment are an amazing growth opportunity. If your order steps and costs are clear treat those who abandon their carts as opportunities for growth. I have no doubt that each website who takes action in recovering abandoned carts will see positive ROI.



why customers abandon shopping carts
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