What is browse abandonment?

A shopper enters a store, he looks around the store, walks through the aisles. After a few minutes he leaves the store without  buying anything. This is browse abandonment in the real world.

On your website many of your visitors are just browsing, vary similar to abandoned carts this represents visits with no engagement..  looking around and leaving without adding anything to their shopping cart. Many will think that those browsers represent no opportunity and should be ignored. More  money and resources will be spent on bringing more traffic.

Browsers represent an opportunity for more sales. They cared enough to enter your website and look around. Sure, many of them are just browsing with no intention to buy however quite a few came and did not find what they were looking for. There is a good chance that you have what they need but it was not found. On the real store scenario more than likely you have a store rep following you around and offering to help.

The way to get more sales from your browsers is about the same. You need to offer help and make sure visitors are aware of the options that might be relevant to them.

You should implement the following strategies to fully use the potential of the browse opportunity:

  • Popup technology that will allow the browser to register to your mailing list. You can bring him back!
  • Chat bot: Use smart chat bot technology to engage with your visitors.
  • Use surveys as a tool to learn more about your abandons.
  • Use a recorder to “see” sessions to recognize problematic problems.
  • Integrate a sense of urgency in embedded massages withing your website.
  • Reach out to browser who abandoned with relevant offers

To sumarize browse abandonment is a real opportunity for added sales, use it!

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Browse Abandonment
What is browse abandonment?
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