Wait! Don’t Go! How to Use Exit Intent Popups Effectively

exit intent popupsThe average bounce rate is approximately 40.5%. These are people who visit your website and immediately click away. Unfortunately, when visitors leave without engaging with your content, they’re unlikely to return.

Exit intent popups are one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate and turn these people into repeat visitors and eventually, paying customers.

Read on to learn how an exit intent popup could help increase your revenue.

What Are Exit Intent Popups?

You’ve probably seen popups hundreds of times before around the web. These are little forms that “pop up” while you’re browsing a website in a bid to get your information. Often, they’ll offer a lead magnet or another freebie in exchange for your name and email address.

An exit intent popup is a little different. Instead of popping up after you’ve been browsing the site for a pre-determined length of time, they track user movements so an opt-in form or special offer can pop up when they show signs that they’re about to leave your site.

Attention spans are low. Visitors are likely to be landing on your website, reading an article or clicking a few pages, and then leaving. Exit intent popups are one last shot to convert that visitor to a lead. And you literally have nothing to lose. After all, they’re on their way out anyway.

You can either do nothing, and hope that they’ll come back later as a returning visitors, or use a popup and convince them to hand over their details.

Exit intent popups can make a massive difference to your conversion rates. But it’s not enough to simply slap up some popups and call it a day. Implementation is everything.

What Makes an Exit Intent Popup Successful?

Often, visitors are clicking through your site, and then decide to leave without buying a product, registering for your newsletter, or any of the other things you may like them to do.

During this moment of indecision, you can interrupt them and give them one choice to make.

This is successful because many visitors get overwhelmed. By presenting them with one option (to opt in or not), their decision is much easier. The more targeted you can be with your exit intent popup, the better. To target effectively, you need to understand all of the reasons why visitors could be leaving your website. These include:

  • They finished your blog and they’re ready to leave
  • They found your content irrelevant
  • They were unable to find a certain product
  • They’re price-sensitive and waiting for a coupon or discount
  • They got distracted or interrupted
  • They’re only in the research phase and not ready to purchase
  • They found your product unaffordable
  • They don’t think your product does what they need it to do

Once you’ve narrowed down why your visitors are leaving your site, you can effectively use exit intent opt-ins to re-engage them.

Using Exit Intent Popups Successfully

Exit intent popups can be used to re-engage your visitors in a number of ways. Here are just a few examples:

Shopping Cart Abandonment

There are few things that show an intent to buy more than filling up a shopping cart. However, people abandon their shopping carts for a number of different reasons. If you don’t try to convert these people as they’re leaving, you’re leaving money on the table.

These types of exit-intent popups often include a coupon code. Since many people leave websites to find their own codes, this can help you save money you would pay to a coupon aggregator. They also help overcome any price-related barriers, since they’re offering the customer a further discount.

Special Offer/Sale

If you have an e-commerce site, it’s probably rather busy. This can make it easy for users to overlook any current promotions or sales.

These exit intent popups help you easily draw attention to either your current or upcoming promotion. Everyone loves a sale, especially if they’re told they could save big.


If you’re running a competition or contest, be sure to let every site visitor know. While they may not be ready to buy, they’re likely to throw their name in the hat if you make it easy for them to opt-in and have some great prizes.

Member-Only Promotions

Everyone likes to feel special. And member-only deals are a great way to increase conversions.

In order for this to be successful, you need to make it clear that members receive exclusive deals that are unavailable to non-members.

Newsletter Sign-ups

When someone is signed up for your newsletter, you can reach them where they’re hanging out the most- in their inbox.

A simple popup asking visitors to subscribe to your newsletter can have a massive impact on newsletter opt-ins, giving you further opportunities to move these people through your sales funnel.

Optimizing Your Popups

Just like everything else on your website, your exit intent popups should be optimized so they can get the best possible results. Here are some things to consider:


It’s important that the right message is reaching the right person. That means matching the opt-in to the sources from where they originated.

For example, if someone is leaving from a product page, offer them a discount. If they’re leaving from a blog post, offer them some relevant content like a free ebook.


The key with exit intent opt-ins is to avoid generic images. Instead, make sure they fit the theme and style of your site. Use images, fonts, and colors that are on-brand so they reinforce the message you’re aiming to convey.


Relevant, straightforward copy is key. You don’t have time or space to be vague or long-winded. Remember: Visitors have already lost interest, so you need to get that message across as quickly as possible.

Calls to Action

Finally, you must have a solid CTA to drive home your point. Above all, it should be obvious exactly what you want them to do, without any confusion.

Wrapping up

Exit intent popups can be an excellent tool if you’re hoping to increase conversion rates, lower cart abandonment, and gain more newsletter subscribers. By using the above tips, you’ll be able to effectively utilize exit intent popups.

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Wait! Don’t Go! How to Use Exit Intent Popups Effectively
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