Top Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

The task of conversion rate optimization is a never ending task that involves improving almost any aspect of your website. The more work you need to perform in order to get more conversion will require you to use more tools. This list is not a complete list of top free conversion rate optimization tools, but it is a start.

The task of improving conversion rates is split into 3

  1. Discovery: Gather data about your users. Decide what, where and how to test your assumptions.
  2. Experiments : Implement your experiments to find opportunities.
  3. Review & Improve

The more you invest on each stage the better info you have, better assumption and better expiriments.

This is my list of free conversion optimization tools to start with and optimize your website.

  1. Google Analytics : Use this free amazing tool to get answers to important questions about your users:
    1. Where are they coming from?
    2. How did they find your website ?
    3. Which segments they belong to?
    4. Their geo area
    5. Their technolgy (desktop, mobile, browser, mobile model and much more
  2.      Again Google Analytics but a special part of it for eCommerce websites. Implement eCommerce measuring capability and eCommerce funnel to understand what users intent to buy and where do they abandon carts.
  3. Google Optimize: This tool will allow you to freely test different versions of your website’s pages. Great tool!
  4. Google tag manager : add tags to any page of your website on the fly.
  5. Hotjar. Heat maps and session recording. Their free basic version is usable for small project with low traffic, This tool will show how users engage with your website.
  6. Test your website’s speed with Google Page speed Insights, website speed test and Pingdom. Better speed improves user experience and increases conversion rates.
  7. Five second test this free tool allows you to get feedback from users after 5 seconds they preview your websiteTop Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

This is my must have top free conversion rate optimization tools for any small scale CRO project. For the more high volume projects I will share a list of must haves paid tools

Top Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tools
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