How I Generated 20% Extra Revenue For An Home Styling Website

In the last 6 months I am managing a conversion rate optimization campaign. I had implemented the below steps to increase sales by 20%. The lift was possible mainly because the client was ready and willing to invest in getting this achieved.

Before I start any project I implement measuring. I believe that Lord Kelvin was right in saying that if it cannot be measured it cannot be improved.

We discovered the following:

  1. 68% of carts were abandoned before completion. This ratio is not horrible, It can be improved, I will share how on another post.
  2. Many of those who abandoned started by filling up their email address.
  3. Many got stock because the wanted to use the coupon field and did not have a coupon. Prior experience and common knowledge  shows that many go and search for coupons
  4. Over 90% of those last carts users never returned

The steps I took

  1. Implemented a pop-up solution that helped us get contact info for those who visit the website.
  2. Implemented a technical solution that dynamically connected abandoned carts to their prospective buyer’s email account.
  3. Planned designed and implemented cart recovery email campaigns that included timed emails and A to B testing for improved conversions

The reults


  1. Increased the umber of new email list registrants by over 100%
  2. Added 20% in sales in the last 3 montths
How I Generated 20% Extra Revenue For An Home Styling Website
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