How to Transfer a YouTube Channel

How to Transfer a YouTube Channel to a Different Google Account :


The new Google + page settings now provides the option to easily transfer a YouTube channel to a different Google account.
Several Google accounts can now be managed together and one Google + page can have several managers. Transferring your YouTube channel follows the same principle.
Let’s take a look at how a YouTube Channel can be transferred to a different account and how even the ownership of the channel can be changed.

Stage 1

The first thing should do is to visit the advanced settings page of the YouTube channel you would like to transfer.

Look for a button called “Connect with a Google + Page”.
Once you click the button you will be asked whether you would like to keep the same username or to choose a different one. You need to keep the same username.
Click on the “next” button and then check if a new Google + page has been created, even if you get an error message.

Stage 2

Go to the Google + page you’ve just created.
Add a new manager to the Google + account. This is done by sending an email invitation that needs to be confirmed.
The manager you just invited will be the new YouTube channel owner at the end of this process.

Stage 3

Check the Gmail account of your new manager and click the “Be a Manager” button to accept the invitation.

Stage 4

Go back to the Google + page.
You should change the status of the new manager you just verified to “owner”.
Bear in mind that you may need to wait up to two weeks for stage four to be approved and completed.

Additional Advice

Once ownership is transferred the old Google account will still have a “manager” status.
If you would like to completely disassociate the old Google account it should be removed by the new owner, something that can easily be done via the Google + account.

Using an Existing Google + Account

If you would like to use an existing Google + account then you should follow the stages described below:

Go to your Google + account and invite the current YouTube associated email account holder to become a manager.
Once the invitation is accepted the new manager will be able to link your Google + account with the YouTube channel.
Once the linking is completed, remove the manager from the Google + page.