Inbound Marketing FAQ

Below is our list of Inbound Marketing FAQ feel free to send us your own suggested FAQ questions to add.

Q: What are search engines, how do they really work?

A: Search engines use crawlers to index all web pages. Google uses ‘Google Bots’ that index web pages, text, images and more. Using this information, the search engines attempt to retrieve the most relevant information for each search and sort it according to several quality and relevancy factors.

Q: What’s the difference between SEO and SEM?

A: SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a complete effort that involves all online marketing channels, including paid advertising (PPC), organic search engine optimization, social media and affiliate programs.

Q: What’s the difference between SEO and PPC?

A: SEO involves a continuous and long term effort to feature better in organic search results. PPC involves running ad campaigns that appear immediately but normally do not convert as well as organic search results.

Most contemporary digital marketing efforts combine both methods to maximize results.

Q: What’s the difference between black hat and white hat SEO?

A: White hat SEO utilizes legitimate methods that are approved and encouraged by search engines for lasting and long term results. Black hat SEO utilizes illegitimate practices frowned upon by search engines and punishable by site removal. Black hat SEO will always bring long term damaging results.

Q: What’s considered black hat SEO? What tactics should I avoid?

  • Uploading low quality texts stuffed with keywords to your website.

  • Putting different content for site visitors and web crawlers – this illegitimate method is called cloaking. .

  • Hiding keywords or keyword stuffed text in the page background.

  • Creating pages just for crawlers and not for web visitors.

Q: Why do two different people get different search results for the same exact search?

A: Search engines attempt to sort information not only according to general criteria but also according to a personalization process. This is based on the individual search history of each user, information stored in cookies, Google + information etc.

Q: When will I see improvement in my organic search engine results.

A: There is no definite answer to this question. Some SEO work will yield results within weeks while other cases will take months. Factors that will influence the rate of improvement may include the type of changes that were implemented in the website, the site’s previous status and condition, the competitive nature of the business the website deals with etc.

Q: Should I follow the techniques described at your Local SEO for movers article.

A: There is a great benefit in using all the described techniques in order to receive locally based relevant traffic. Using your local listings and other SEO techniques will increase your web visibility.

In most cases, SEO work will take several months to bring results, but such results are normally long lasting.

Q: How will you know what the best keywords to promote by business are?

A: We will undertake a thorough research process that will initially involve you describing the nature of your business and provide us with some basic keyword suggestions.

The following stage will involve us using professional tools that will provide us with hundreds of related keyword suggestions. Out of these keywords we select the ones that have the most potential to improve your site’s performance, are the most relevant for your business and have the most search potential.

Q: Will you still be able to help me if Google banned my site?

A: The answer is yes. With your cooperation, we can get you listed again. We will check for the reasons your site got banned, neutralize them and then present your site to search engines for re-indexing.

Q: Do we have to sign a long term contract to work with TA-DA?

A: Not really. Even though many of our clients choose to sign long term agreements, we normally bill on a monthly basis. Our work is always result oriented and can be judged monthly based on detailed reports. If you choose to cancel our services all you need to do is send us a notification. Once we receive the notification, which can be sent by email, we stop working on your project and send you a final invoice.